Geoffrey Fullerton

Geoffrey Fullerton - Leadership Conference Facilitator

One of the most dynamic personalities in the Human Capital Development industry, Geoffrey is the Chief Inspirational Officer. As an accomplished sales & customer service coach, speaker and author Geoffrey has impacted professionals from all over the world. From his experience as a master facilitator and coach with Anthony Robbins & Associates to sales training for billion dollar brands like Sandals Resorts International, Geoffrey’s approach to creating an attitude of genuine interest and care for one’s customers and clients has won him favor internationally. Jamaican by birth and raised in Canada, Geoffrey has worked with people from over 50 different cultures so far to date. This has enabled him to connect with a variety of people, causing them to be inspired to action. Thanks to his unique mix of enthusiasm and humor his training sessions are entertaining, yet impactful. Author of 5 training programs and the book, Creating Clients For Life, Geoffrey has provided solutions designed to enhance your sales, customer service and leadership. Inspiring corporate professionals to action and greater profits has been the focus of Geoffrey for over his 15 years. If high performing teams, lower employee attrition, and improved company morale are sought after targets for you and your company then Geoffrey can definitely help you.

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