Mark Kerr-Jarrett

Mark Kerr-Jarrett - Leadership Conference Facilitator

Mr. Mark Kerr-Jarrett, J.P., has been the Managing Director of the Barnett Group of Companies since 1989 and is actively involved in Land Development, Construction Services, Tourism and Farming. Mr. Kerr-Jarrett has been Chairman of Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited since May 20, 2009 and has been its Independent Non-Executive Director since May 20, 2009. Mr. Kerr-Jarrett serves as the Chairman of the St. James High School Board and the St. James Parish Development Committee as well as Vice Chairman of the St. James Local Public Accounts Committee. Mr. Kerr-Jarrett has wide and varied interests within Jamaica and is a former President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce, as well as a Director of Trumpet Call Ministries International and Teamwork Christian Center Trust. He sits on the Boards of Guardian Asset Management (Ja) Ltd., Greater Montego Bay Re-development Company Limited, National Works Agency and the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation. He studied at Cheltenham College, Georgia Institute of Technology and Virginia Institute of Technology where he pursued his qualifications in mechanical engineering before returning to Jamaica.

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